Conversation finders

As this event is all about conversations and connections we want to ensure that everyone is able to find the conversations and connections they are looking for, and sign-post them successfully around the venue. Of course this is helpful for the event, and very helpful for our visitors. But it also involves our volunteer helpers practising skills that we can probably all do with more of. What could be better for our communities than having people in it who are skilled in the art of helping people out?

Could you be a conversation finder? Perhaps you could do a shift, combined with a visit around the festival? Perhaps you know a team of people or individuals - colleagues, community members or other volunteers for whom this would be a beneficial experience. It might suit someone who's interested in hospitality, or helping professions.

It also might suit anyone who wants to benefit from being profiled and visible with our audiences. Anyone who helps will be profiled on our Who's Who page which will also be shared on various social media channels (unless you don't want us to!).

Please get in touch with your ideas. Thank you.


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