Building a team for 2020

Adam Pearson


CornWELL festivals launched in 2019 with a very successful first event at the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa in Mawgan Porth. Feedback from visitors told of a lovely relaxed atmosphere, new connections and lots of inspiring, thought-provoking conversations. Adam believes these ingredients are at the heart of community wellbeing, and they are more important than ever. CornWELL is a community interest venture whose purpose is to maximise community wellbeing, and make it sustainable. As a region we are uniquely positioned to become a leader in the field. It's time to bring in more expertise, ideas and resources and take CornWELL to the next level. 

The Vision

Our vision is to hold annual events (a flagship October event again, a Spring event in Newquay and a South coast event) promoting wellbeing in Cornwall through conversations and connections. We will cover all angles of wellbeing (eg body, mind, soul) and include a wide range of professional exhibitors, workshops and seminars as well as live music and demonstrations. The events will be held in inspiring and aspirational venues, and will be accessible to all.


  • To promote wellbeing and empower individuals and communities to achieve it
  • Bring together public, private, third sectors and communities
  • Create conversations and connections to build trust and good relationships
  • Create new ways of understanding, thinking about and accessing wellbeing


Currently the events are aimed at wellbeing providers, wellbeing managers, corporate wellbeing specialists, health professionals with an interest in public health, as well as consumers such as professionals (self-employed or employed), parents, young people and volunteers.

The team

We are looking to build a team to take CornWELL to the next level. Roles will include:

  • Project management
  • Sponsorship and funding
  • Venue and event planning, design and management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Stakeholder relations (including speakers, exhibitors, visitors, volunteers)

The roles will suit people with an interest in wellbeing, public health and community. In particular we are looking for people who can listen as well as talk, have confidence in their ideas and knowledge, and above all, focus on positives and possibilities.

What happens next

We will form the team and then get started! Our first team meeting will be to define and agree the strategy for CornWELL, and start to shape plans for the events. If you'd like to be involved, please get in touch, using the form below, or find us online.

Roles in more detail


Project manager

  • Set overall direction, goals, milestones and workstreams
  • Define event plan including purpose, concept, unique points, evaluation
  • Monitor progress and keep activities on track
  • Manage team, tasks and responsibilities
  • Report to and liaise with Project Steering Group
  • Stakeholder relations (including local agencies and communities as well as speakers, exhibitors, visitors and volunteers)

Sponsorship and funding

  • Define a budget, business model and revenue sources
  • Define pricing strategy (working with Marketing)
  • Generate sponsorship
  • Manage and liaise with commercial sponsors
  • Manage project finances and payment facilities

Event planning, design and management

  • Design the event, to deliver overall mission
  • Manage venues, catering and facilities
  • Recruit and manage the event team including partners and volunteers
  • Book live acts, entertainment and experiences
  • Run the event
  • Manage registration
  • Manage evaluation and follow-up
  • Manage event safety and sustainability


  • Manage publicity via social media, influencers, and all channels
  • Define branding and design
  • Manage the website and social media channels
  • Manage design and production of materials
  • Generate thought-leadership perspectives and points of view
  • Manage marketing budget


  • Recruit exhibitors, facilitators, speakers, demonstrators
  • Manage communication with all suppliers before, during and after event
  • Generate visitor numbers and online audiences

Get in touch

Drop us a line!

We will be out and about spreading the word and meeting people during January and early February 2020 but feel free to visit us in Newquay.


1 Towan Heights, St George's Road, Newquay, Cornwall, England, TR7 1RD, United Kingdom +44 7775 715672


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09:00 – 17:00