Programme and layout

We suggest you start your visit at the Venue foyer, before flowing through the Venue, down the stairs to the workshop spaces. Maps and more details are below.

Exhibitors and workshops


Exhibitors - The Venue

  1. Healthy Cornwall
  2. Cacao Temple
  3. Care Right Now
  4. Business Doctors
  5. Healing waves Acupuncture / Healing Sounds
  6. Cornwall Hospice Care
  7. Promas
  8. Krysalis Wellbeing
  9. Newquay Community Orchard
  10. EPIC
  11. doTERRA Oils
  12. Hypnotherabots
  13. Weleda
  14. Healthy Minds Newquay
  15. Newquay Health Centre and PPG
  16. Cornwall Air Ambulance
  17. Lifestyledoc
  18. Serenity Financial Life Planning
  19. EFT Love Life
  20. Dare to Blossom Life Coaching
  21. Smartline
  22. Silence & Noise

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CORNWELL Programme


  • Paul Titchard: Epic Evolution
  • Mary Lunnen: Dare to Blossom Life Coaching
  • Karen Oldham-Waring: Sunflower Training
  • Jeremy Squibb: Serenity Financial Life Planning
  • Kirsty Wright: doTERRA Oils
  • Ali Scobbie: Thrive with Ali
  • Andrew Williams: Smartline
  • Steve Turner: Care Right Now
  • Anna Pascoe: Make Me A Plan
  • Heather Eardley: EPIC
  • Lisa Bailey-Brown: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

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Workshops - more details

Discover your Compass Rose

Mary Lunnen from Dare to Blossom will be connecting people with their inner guidance "Compass Rose" using Rediscovery Cards and visualisation.

Wellbeing and resilience

This interactive session with Sunflower Training centres on what we can do to help ourselves in a world where pressures and stressors come at us from all angles. Rather than absorb them and become unwell, we look at tangible ways to deal with life's curve balls and how we can become more resilient.

The Power of Balance

Paul Titchard is a life coach with Epic Evolution. Learn about human history, how we lived and evolved to overcome barriers to extinction and how we can handle today's stressors, tunnel vision and the corporate race. Learn about the 4 Fundamentals of Life Balance: Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional and Spiritual; and how we can consciously create a balanced lifestyle.

Plant-based medicine

Bringing plant medicine into your homes for healing, presented by Kirsty Wright from dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Workplace mental health and wellbeing

Hear from The Thrive Programme about the impact of mental health on long term sickness & productivity. Understand thriving, the role of the line manager and tips on how to manage thinking.

How does your future look - the person not the purse

The team from Serenity Financial Planning will be helping people think and reflect on what is important, and what it actually costs to become emotionally rich.

Working together to develop mental health services

Patients are our own best experts. If you had a radically chance to change mental health services, what would you keep? What would you change? Are NHS mental health services in England fit for purpose? Are mental health trusts outdated? We won’t be able to solve problems in an hour but Steve Turner from Care Right Now will collect all feedback from before, during and after these sessions and send out a blog. We will continue the conversation on social media. 



Smartline: Inclusivity

Andrew Williams is a lecturer in Public Health at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter. He will be talking about Smartline and the Inclusivity Project, looking at how technology can help us live healthier and happier lives.

Feel Plantastic: Your Body as Your Team-mate

Anna Pascoe, Principal Planner with MAKE ME A PLAN will be sharing top tIps for healthy habits, personal prescriptions and some lifestyle evangelism to challenge the status quo on nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing.



Digital Health and Digital Champions

A general introduction to EPIC and their achievements, rolling out Echo spots to care homes and the developing the 'digital champion' role. EPIC are working more closely with Patient Participation Groups to assist with awareness and better use of GP websites and digital services.

The Spa Garden experience

It's when we switch off, that we switch on. So make relaxation a priority and book in for a Spa Garden experience. It only takes an hour, including registration. Available in 15 minute intervals, subject to availability. Please agree a time with the hotel and book in advance.

Live music